As Your Lawyer...

As your lawyer, I recommend the following new TV Series:

In defense of gearheads

Apparently being a gearhead is bad. At least according to 37signals, house of featureless cool. Of course, they don't really mean it. At least I hope not. Sure, buying gear for its own sake is pointless, but if you want to build something, you need tools you care about. It's not about having the Eddie van Halen guitar/pedal/amp combination. It's about having a guitar, some pedals and an amp you know and love (or hate, any strong emotion will do).

Picking the right (power) tools

I picked up a bunch of (Ikea) furniture (mostly bookcases) for my new apartment the other day and realized upon delivery that I was sadly lacking in the tools department. I didn't have a single screwdriver to my name. I'd gotten by for years on other people's tools, be they friends or family. I decided it was time to do something about this and headed off to the hardware store.

Generating gibberish

Generating gibberish is not really a very useful thing to do. But it's a funny thing to do, and it's not even hard. For the purposes of this blog post, generating gibberish is defined as: