My Football Club buys Ebbsfleet United

I officially own a piece of Ebbsfleet United. Like Rob I'm part of the barbarian horde that's set to take on the world.

Chris Dillow doesn't think it'll work. I think he's wrong, and I think I have a different definition of success for this experiment.

However, the other condition - that knowledge be fragmented and dispersed - probably doesn't exist.
Even if the crowd know tactics and the opposition better than the coach, there are some things the coach should know better: how fit particular players are; how well they're doing in training; who's available on a cheap loan or transfer; and so on. In this respect, the coach has an edge, and should have the autonomy to use it.

A coach doesn't necessarily have the best information about the fitness of players. The players themselves and more importantly the medical staff have this. Who is better at judging their reports? The single manager or the multitude of managers? Training reports can be delivered similarly, not just by coaches and other staff members, but also by locals who are free to attend them.

As for the availability of transfer targets, I think there is a misunderstanding. The club's staff are free to suggest transfer targets. The crowd only votes on whether or not to sign the person after final terms are negotiated. There are probably more types of information that only the coach has available, and this will be a disadvantage of the system. All we can do is strive to make the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

There are other, more ad hominem attacks on the idea. I think one of the problem is that the presented ambition is to match clubs like the big 4. My personal ambition is to have a club where I can debate team selection for purposes other than the sense of righteousness that follows when the sub I've been asking to see for weeks comes on and helps win the game. My definition of success is sustainability, not premiership play. If I can still be an Ebbsfleet United fan in 30 or 40 years, complaining about the underperformers, cheering for every goal and casting my vote on the burgeoning talent up for transfer, I'll be happy.

Just because other clubs turned away from fan control models when confronted with problems, doesn't mean all models of fan control are doomed to failure. There are some improvements upon the 'one share, one vote' system I'd like to see (the usual suspects, prediction markets, rewarding "good" votes and reducing the influence of bad votes), but overall I think it's down to the members of My Football Club more than the system.

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