Picking the right (power) tools

I picked up a bunch of (Ikea) furniture (mostly bookcases) for my new apartment the other day and realized upon delivery that I was sadly lacking in the tools department. I didn't have a single screwdriver to my name. I'd gotten by for years on other people's tools, be they friends or family. I decided it was time to do something about this and headed off to the hardware store. I recently helped a friend put together some (Ikea) furniture and his cordless drill had made the whole experience much easier.

With this in mind I went into the hardware storing pondering whether to get a simple set of screwdrivers or to get a decently sized drill. Instead I found the right tool for the job. I realized upon seeing this little beaty that power tools don't need to be ridiculously big to get the job done. Especially not when the job is assembling Ikea furniture.

The joy of the Compact is that it's tiny, powerful and gets the job done. The only two disadvantages I've found are that it's a bit unwieldy for applying full pressure on it to solidly tighten difficult screws and that it won't fit down small cylinders for deeply mounted screws. The latter is a problem with most drills I guess and should be fixable with an extension. Pricewise it wasn't too bad either, substantially less than a full blown cordless drill, but more than a cheap set of screwdrivers.

I'm very happy with it, not just because it's been a song to assemble my coffee table and bookcases, but also because it's going to be easy to store away the Compact out of sight without it taking up a lot of storage space. Overall, choosing the the right tool for the job makes a big difference, not just for efficiency and quality, but also for the experience during the execution.

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On 4 July, 2008 - 23:25, qebab wrote:

One of my flatmates have got one of those, and it was tremendously useful when we moved in where we live now. I have been thinking about buying one, but then again I can borrow his, at least until he moves. You're also reminding me that I really need to buy at least one more bookcase when I get back to Trondheim. I have a cardboard box of books on the floor that I keep tripping over because I'm such a clumsy idiot.