As Your Lawyer...

As your lawyer, I recommend the following new TV Series:

    • True Blood - Vampire show, but the twist is that it's public knowledge (plus it's set in the south, instead of LA or New York).
      Sons of Anarchy - Described to me as 'It's a show with the gangs from The Wire, except they're bikers.' which is fair. It's not as good as The Wire, but it's got potential.
      Generation Kill - This is already done, but I'm including it because it's that good. Done by some of the same people that did The Wire, it's about a company of soldiers in Iraq.
  • As your doctor, I recommend that you stay away from this new TV series:

    • Fringe - Promising to be the new Lost/X-Files, this new show is going to be full of almost reveals and pointless intrigue. Why can't more sci-fi shows be like BSG?
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