Missing the point on buying UGC companies

Google App Engine is pretty neat, but it's not an argument against Google buying Twitter. The fact that Google can build a multicast messaging system in a few days is orthogonal to why they'd buy Twitter. The same way having Google Video didn't preclude buying Youtube. Buying Twitter would be to gain the userbase, not to gain the source code.

So I guess they're not all insane

It's good to see that not all Java developers are complete raving lunatics when it comes to static typing. I can't believe anyone would seriously believe that this is good idea:

Map<@NonNull String, @NonEmpty List<@Readonly Document>> files;

The mind boggles . . .

If GWT doesn't scale, what does?

At work I'm currently building a pretty big webapp using Google Web Toolkit. Often when I tell people this they respond by asking if it scales. Usually they will back up this question by qouting some company that did an analysis and concluded that it didn't. Some people on my project could very well end being quoted like that.

Heroes Happen Here - Review

When I first read about Heroes Happen {Here}, I thought it sounded like a bad idea gone wrong. I still have no idea what the actual Heroes Happen {Here} thing is, but it has something to do with celebrating IT professionals. I think the curly braces in {Here} are supposed to denote a hug, apparently because IT professionals work somewhere lonely.