The Surreality of Death, and its Effect on Organised Religion

Isn't it strange, how it somehow seems death is incorporeal, even unreal, when you're not present to watch its transition from the life we know so well?

The 1000 Mind Blowing Songs Project: Batch 1 Of Many

This project is probably doomed to fail, as with nearly every ambitious internet endeavour, but I like the idea of a 1000 mind blowing songs archive so intriguing that I'm willing to put in the effort of contributing despite my doubts. I'm not going to tell you exactly how awesome each of the following songs is, I expect you to be able to figure that out for yourself. But I do feel I should explain why I consider them to be mind blowing. So here are the first four:

The 1000 Mind Blowing Songs Project: Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place

A mind blowing song to me is something that forces you to immerse yourself with it. I personally tend to only really find a connection or full blown appreciation to music if there's such an emotive attraction or feel towards it. The concept with this project here is that we all put forward pieces we find by our OWN definitions to be mind blowing and its acceptance to the "official" list is subject to everyone else accepting the term mind blowing attached to it. If nothing else, I feel I (and you) can gain a different scope in appreciating music.