Assassin's Creed Review.

So I've been busy jumping over rooftops and such for two days now and decided to take a break. Obviously I should use it to write about jumping over rooftops. Assassin's Creed is, in some ways really beautiful. The environment is incredibly rich, and you can interact with virtually everything. Ubisoft have boasted that you can hang onto every brick that sticks more out more than 2 inches from a building, so far I have not found this to be untrue.

My Football Club buys Ebbsfleet United

I officially own a piece of Ebbsfleet United. Like Rob I'm part of the barbarian horde that's set to take on the world.

Chris Dillow doesn't think it'll work. I think he's wrong, and I think I have a different definition of success for this experiment.

Review of the iriver clix2

I got myself an iriver clix 2 about a month ago, and here are some impressions.

Intelligent Management

Chris Dillow
is one of my favourite bloggers, and one of his most interesting themes is 'managerialism' - the belief in the power of managers to improve the effectiveness of organisations, either private or public, to dramatic extents, purely by the virtue of their quality as managers.