Proud to be British

In the UK, the launch of the Apple iPhone has been a complete flop, according to The Register:

Journalists and PR minders outnumbered buyers on Friday night as interest in Apple's iPhone miserably failed to live up to the pre-launch hype in the UK.

Simple, numerical computing.

Sometimes, I get these ideas, and I just have to sit down, write it down and get it out of my head. If it's a good idea, I prefer to do it in such a way as to have some use of it, and sometimes I do it just to see if it will work. I'm talking about ideas for computer programs, of course, and when I say write it down, I mean writing it down in a programming language and then possibly run the program. I've had one of these days today.

Can a barbarian horde defeat football's Romans?

As of today, I have registered as a member of MyFootballClub, an organisation which is aiming to buy a controlling stake in an English football club, to be administered by the members of the organisation itself.  Its individual members are ordinary people, a diverse horde of barbarians at the gates of football's wealthy establishment.

Someone should've invited Lars Ulrich to Oink

Trent Reznor had an Oink account, and has a somewhat more nuanced view of it than IFPI.